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It was claimed that the black and white team, who agreed with the defender Kaan Ayhan, also wanted to transfer 27-year-old Alan Empereur, who played in Hellas Verona.

Beşiktaş agreed with Kaan Ayhan, who played in Sassuolo, after the negotiations for Diego Godin in the defense reinforcements did not yield results. The Italian press brought up a different name for the Istanbul team, which plans to bring the national player to Istanbul this week and have it signed. The website Calcio Mercato announced that Kara-Kartal is in pursuit of Alan Empereur, who plays in Hellas Verona, in a special news it shared with its readers.
Another Super League team that is closely interested in the Brazilian football player is Antalyaspor. The experienced defender, whose contract is one year away and whose market value is 1 million Euros, also wants to leave the team. The 27-year-old defender, who spent the previous season on loan in Palmeiras, one of his country’s teams, failed to produce goals or assists while playing in 14 games.

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