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Press spokesperson At. Cihan Gürsoy in his speech; Expressing the pride and happiness they experienced due to the task they took over, he stated that they started their work quickly with the following words; “We, as the locals of Eskişehir and people who have given their hearts to Eskişehirspor, are aware that we undertake a difficult task. We will try to overcome these difficult days in unity and togetherness. We took over this duty as of 27.07.2021. We are proud of this task entrusted to us. We are happy to take over the flag of Eskişehirspor, which has been flying with honor since 19 June 1965. After taking office, we quickly gathered as the board of directors and distributed the tasks. As İvedi, we made the necessary situation determinations and plans for the future of our club. We knew that we needed to form a team in a short time and we took action accordingly. First of all, we preferred our coach to a familiar coach and he started to work with the technical committee. We started our preparations for the new season with the players whose contracts are ongoing and promising in our infrastructure. Despite the expiration of the contract, the players with whom we have good bilateral relations are currently training. We will sign new agreements with them as soon as possible in line with the interests of the club.”

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Gursoy, who also spoke about the current players who applied to the federation, which has been in the press recently; “First of all, as a result of our negotiations, we re-signed with the names of Buğra Çağlıyan and Tolga Yakut, who applied to the TFF to be released. Negotiations with other players are continuing… We want to continue our way with all possible players in such a process. The request of our technical team is in line with this.

Continuing her statements regarding the preparations for the new season, the spokesperson of the press said; “We are aware that we started the season late compared to other teams. Our current football players continue their work for the new season with double training a day. In line with the camp request from our technical team, we agreed with the Von Resort Hotel in Bolu Abant, with the initiatives of our Club President Mehmet Şimşek and our board members. Our team will camp here between 22-29 August. During this period, he will go to the practice matches. While our team continues to work, we, as members of the board of directors, continue our efforts to raise financial resources for our club under the leadership of our President Mehmet Şimşek. We are working on finding new sponsors for the club. For years, the name sponsor could not be placed in front of our club’s name for various reasons. While going through financially difficult times as a club, we chose this sponsorship option this year.
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