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Ünal Karaman left Göztepe, new coach candidates were determined. President Mehmet Sepil finally made an offer to Tayfun Korkut, who was running Stuttgart. Emre Belözoğlu Çağdaş Atan and Okan Buruk, who coached the team for a while, are also on the list.


S Göztepe management, which blamed the bad results in the first three games of the Por Toto Super League, to coach Ünal Karaman, determined the coach candidates. . Tayfun Korkut was the first coach candidate of President Mehmet Sepil, who parted ways with Karaman yesterday. Sepil finally made an offer to the 47-year-old young technical man who was running the Stuttgart team in Germany. It was learned that Korkut, who has not served in any team for three seasons, gave a positive response to Sepil. However, President Sepil does not want to be too hasty about the coach, taking advantage of the international match break.
Emre Belözoğlu, who was temporarily in charge of the team at the end of last season in Fenerbahçe, is also on Sepil’s list. Sepil, who has given new coach candidates a chance for the last 4 seasons in the Super League, is also in contact with the 40-year-old star name. Among the news that Belözoğlu, who worked as the sporting director after quitting football in Fenerbahçe, is positive about starting his new career in Göztepe.

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After Tayfun Korkut and Emre Belözoğlu, two names are among the candidates of MEHMET Sepil. Lastly, Çağdaş Atan from İzmir, who has just left his job and coached Alanyaspor, is also on the list. It is said that the administration has kept 41-year-old Atan among the alternatives and has recently included Okan Buruk, who runs Başakşehir, on its agenda. Buruk formed the team roster of the 2016-2017 season, when Göztepe made it to the Super League, but left his position before the end of the season.
After GÖZTEPE’s draw from Sivasspor, coach Ünal Karaman, who entered the crossroads with the club, met with the management yesterday and reached an agreement on compensation. Karaman, who signed for 2.5 years last year, said goodbye to the players and left.

The yellow-red management hooked the Bosnian star who played for Strasbourg in France to strengthen the midfield. Player’s contract continues
In Göztepe, which had a bad start to the season in the Spor Toto Süper Lig, the management pressed the button to strengthen the midfield. When the yellow-red people couldn’t get the efficiency they expected from new transfer David Tijanic, they turned their search to France while pushing the button for reinforcements. Göz-Ez, Bo playing for Strasbourg team in France

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